When attaching files to an Email, can I set a default Path to attach the files from?

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    When attaching files to an Email, can I set a default Path to attach the files from?
    For example, My Documents


    - When you open a Windows Explorer browser window from within GoldMine (for example when adding an Email attachment or adding a linked document) GoldMine will remember the last location that you used and point you to this location.

    - GoldMine stores this information in the Username.ini file under the [GoldMine] section.


    - As this setting is updated every time you open a browse window from within GoldMine you cannot set a default location by just setting the path in the USERNAME.INI as as soon as a user uses a different location the original setting will be updated.

    - It is possible to set a GM.INI Override to set a default location when users start GoldMine however, GoldMine will still dynamically save the last open location during the current GoldMine session.  Once you close and restart GoldMine the default location will be used again.  Also note that when using a GM.INI override this set the path location for ALL GoldMine users.

    Note: If the last used location is unavailable (for example if it is a network drive that is no longer available) GoldMine will use the default SYSDIR= location from the GM.ini file.

    - Samples for GM.INI override settings

    a. For a local path

    FileOpenPath=C:\Program Files\GoldMine

    b. Or for UNC paths


    b. Or for mapped drives (usually not recommended as machines may not have identical mapped drives or mapped drives are not yet re-connected)