If I delete an GoldMine Mail message that has an attachment, the attached is also deleted.

Version 1



    1. Schedule > GoldMine E-mail.... (all settings are as default, means attachments are sent as links and not as real attachments)
    2. Attach a file from a network share and send the mail.
    3. When only Links are sent internally and users have the setting shown below is enabled.

    (found under: Tools > Options > E-mail > More options > Advanced )

    This will result in the attachment being deleted, when the GoldMine email is deleted.




    The setting "Delete attachments when deleting the mail" applies to both internet email and to GoldMine email messages.   Users need to consider carefully the use of this setting as it applies to the need in there business to retain attachments for future use.


    Turn off this settings:

    1. Selected Tools > Options > E-mail > More options > Advanced Tab)
    2. Unchecked the the option "Delete attachments when deleting the mail"
    3. Click OK to save the setting.

    You may also want to consider doing the following:

    1. Have the GoldMine user send copies of the file instead of links to the file.
    2. Send internet email instead of using GoldMine email.