Linking Users to their CI computers

Version 2


    ServiceDesk 7.7x


    How to:

    Using LANDesk users can import a list of computers on the network.  With LANDesk integration you can then remote control these computers directly from the console.


    This script will tie the service desk users to their computers.

    This script will need to be modified to match the specific names of attributes in service desk. 


    1. The basic process is to create an attribute on the user object for the AD FQDN of the user. 

    2. Then import this information from AD for each user.

    3. You will also need to create an attribute on the CI  and this should be populated by the Primary Owner field from LANDesk.

    4. With that done this script will then match these two in the database, thus tying the service desk user to their LANDesk computer.


    Please test in an test environment first and make sure you have a backup of your database before running any sql scripts.