Unable to set email listener "Ignore message with subject" for Russian or other multi-byte language values

Version 2



    Note: This article is for releases HEAT 2015.2.2 and below.  This is corrected in the 2016.1.1 release.

    When trying to set an "Ignore message with subject" value for the Email Listener that contains Russian (or another multi-byte language) the text is not stored correctly.

    For example:
    The Russian Subject line Автоматический ответ (Automatic Answer) after saving shows correctly in the grid but if you refresh it will show as question marks:
    The Russian Characters have not been accepted and the Subject matching will not work.




    The field "SubjectLine" on the "TenantEmailSubjectLine" Business Object needs to be changed from the Field Type "Text" to  "Unicode Text":
    It is now possible to enter Russian (or other multi-byte language) values into the "Ignore message with subject" tab.
    e.g.: Russian values will stay in Russian: