Locating HEAT Classic User Login Details in the HEAT DB

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    Locating HEAT Classic User Login Details in the HEAT DB


    Please note, HEAT Support is not responsible for any damage or issue that come from editing or browsing your database directly, it is recommended you take a backup of your DB prior to making any direct changes or manipulating your raw data.

    In earlier versions of HEAT, you can view the status for all HEAT Users within the Tracker table.  This information can be useful in tracing users who are not logging off or having logout issues, and not releasing their allocated license.  In the Tracker Table, you can view the Status column:

    -A Status of "0" means that the user is logged out.
    -A seemingly random number means they are logged into Call Logging and using a license.
    -A value of "4096" indicates the user is logged into Alert Monitor
    -A random value over 4000, indicates the user is logged into both Call Logging and Alert Monitor

    In later versions of HEAT (9.5.x and above), there was the inclusion of the HEATLoginStatus table.  This table wrote data for log on and log off user actions, and what modules that user is logged into, and contains much more information on HEAT user logins.

    An example query for locating logged in sessions in the HEATLoginStatus table is below, and will need to be altered for your own DB structure and name.

    SELECT * 
     FROM [976].[dbo].[HEATLoginStatus] 
     WHERE LogoutTime = ' '