LiveTime Release Notes

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    Release Notes for LiveTime release

    This patch addresses six minor changes relating to reported issues or minor enhancements requested by customers since the release of LiveTime v8.7.2.7785.




    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in - (June 29, 2016)

    245589 - Partner visibility restrictions will again be applied correctly when searches use the full text index for customer names
    246074 - Survey results will once again render correctly in the response and result tabs
    242381 - Notes and descriptions that start with a '#' character are now able to be correctly rendered
    246041 - Underpinning Contracts will correctly trigger when applied to a request lifecycle handshaking state
    245351 - Filters with full-text parameters will now display correctly when navigating between tabs (when it was the 'last selected' filter, the parameters weren't applied correctly)
    245354 - Email replies will now correctly identify localised parameters in order to append notes to existing requests