HEAT Discovery - LDAP adding Address and State

Version 1



    Can LDAP Import be configured to pull in address or state?  What should be used in the LDAP Field Name for these two items?



    This issue should go back to your active directory admin.  Your account may not have access to the extended attributes if the list of available fields does not show these.

    By default the LDAP fields are as follows. You should use ASDIEdit to verify in your directory:

    cCountry or Region
    companyCompany or organization name
    departmentUseful category to fill in and use for filtering
    homephoneHome Phone number, (Lots more phone LDAPs)
    l  (Lower case L)L = Location.  City ( Maybe Office
    locationImportant, particularly for printers and computers.
    managerBoss, manager
    mobileMobile Phone number
    ObjectClassUsually, User, or Computer
    OUOrganizational unit.  See also DN
    pwdLastSetForce users to change their passwords at next logon
    postalCodeZip or post code
    stState, Province or County
    streetAddressFirst line of address
    telephoneNumberOffice Phone