Problems installing verity patch on Windows 2008 server

Version 2

          The  Verity installation completes successfully.

         However, when attempting to apply the verity sp2 patch you get an error after specifiying a valid installation path: 


         e.g. d:\program files(x86)\verity\k2_61\ 


         Hit next, and you see the following error message: 

           d:\program files(x86)\verity\k2_61\ is not a valid installation area.


         You can try changing the directory name but may still get the same error. 

         The Verity service pack doesn't like the 'program files (x86)' naming convention (specifically the brackets). 


         The way round it is to uninstall verity, and then install verity to d:\program files\verity 

         (no brackets in the path) 


             You can then install the SP2 Patch successfully without getting the error.