EROR: The GMBASE.bin file is missing, GoldMine cannot continue the initialization process - When launching GoldMine on a Terminal Server

Version 1


    On the development system Terminal Server we uninstalled GoldMine on a client machine which wiped out the licensegm.bin file.  After we re-licensed GoldMine and tried to launch on the Terminal Server development system, the above error happened.


    1)  Create a temp folder on the Server/Workstation desktop called GMOld or something along those lines. 2)  Navigate to the GM Root directory on the Server/Workstation (Typically C:\Program Files\GoldMine or C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine). 3)  Sort by file type 4)  Cut all .dll .exe .xml files, the TX32 folder, commandbars.ocx and dxdbgrid.dll to the temp folder. 5)  Open Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features 6)  Select Change for the GoldMine entry 7)  When the installer launches select repair 8)  Once repair is done, reboot Server/Workstation, log back in and verify GM works correctly 9)  Once the proper functionality is verified in GM, delete the temp folder GMOld from the desktop and empty the recycle bin.