How to set Universal Search to search document contents and bespoke file locations.

Version 1


    To search documents and there contents the universal search feature will use the windows search engine.
    This by default may not be set to search specific document types or bespoke document locations.


    So that Universal Search will search documents correctly please set the following options in windows search.

    1. Click theStart button and type in Search and click on the command "Change how Windows searches".
    2. Click on theAdvanced button and select File types tab.
    3. Scroll down and locate your file type (in your case.XLSX) and make sure that the radio button "Index Properties and File Contents" is selected for the file type.

    4. Exit the form by clicking the OK button but do not yet close the form where you clicked theAdvanced button.
    5. Next, you may need to modify the indexing locations.  Make sure that at least the folders of  interest are included in theIndexed Locations.

    NOTE: You may also find that older document types (Office 2003 and below) do not get indexed correctly in windows 7 and Server 2008.  Updating to the newer Office 2007 and above file type will resolve this issue.

    6. Open the Universal Search in GoldMine Via - Go To > Search > Universal Search
    7. Tick the Advanced Check box in the top right corner

    8. Then click the Options button
    9. Click the Documents Tab
    10. Make sure there is a tick in Include items for local windows index
    11. We would advise to tick the option Local or UNC paths, then add the specific paths where GoldMine linked documents and Email attachments are stored otherwise the results may not be what the user requires.

    12, Click OK to return to the search and try to search for a specific document.