Configuration of Reporting Service is running into an error

Version 1



    The required software for the reporting service was installed on a server. At the end of the configuration the following error occurs:



    This issue does not apply to HEAT 2014.2.1 and later releases!

    - Install MS SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) on Heat Application Server
    - Install Heat Reporting Service on Heat Application Server

    - open "system configuration wizard " on the Heat application Server and complete Point 6 as described in the HEAT_Install_Deploy_Guide.pdf starting from Page 65.

    - open http://localhost/reports (default webpage for MS SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)
    - create new data source and name it e.g. "HEAT"
      - select data source type: "Microsoft SQL Server"
      - add connection string in this format:
        Data Source=DBSERVERNAME; Initial Catalog=HEATDBNAME
        use SQL credentials e.g. "sa"
        -> save
    - create folder "Workspace" and open it
    - create folder "http://HEATserver/HEAT" (tenant name) and open it
    - create folder "Reports"
    - now click on "Upload file" -> browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\ReportingServices\reportProvisioning\Reports and select e.g. "Incident Trend"
    - click on right side dropdown of the published report and select "manage"
    - select on the left menu "Data source" and then click on "browse" to select your new shared data source "Heat"
      - click apply on bottom of page

    - open browser and log into "config db" with "admin" user
    - select your tenant
    - open 3rd tab "Reports" and add your heat servername and the SQL user e.g. "sa" and it's password

    - open now "HEAT DB" as Admin
    - in the Admin dashboard part "Report List" on the right side open the "Incident Trend" report.