What reports should be used to see what sales have closed and what sales are outstanding (not closed)?

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    We have been looking at starting to use more of the reports in GoldMine and need a report that shows us which sales have been closed/completed and which sales are outstanding; what reports should we use?


    1 - To report on sales that are in the "pipeline" (GoldMine term "funnel"), the best reports to run are the various Forecasted Sales reports under Go To >> Reports >> Reports >> GoldMine reports >> Analysis Reports. 2 - To report on sales that have completed, the best reports to run are the various "Completed Sales" reports under Analysis reports as above. 3 - Please also look at dashboards in GoldMine (Go To menu >> Dashboards): look a the sales dashboards.  NOTE: all of the above options are specific to sales which can be part of an Opportunity or Project as well.  The above will help specifically to possible sales and completed sales only.