ERROR:Get local exclude string - when trying to click on a contact record in GoldMine Mobile

Version 1


    We had addressed an issue with the number of user defined fields between CONTUDEF and CONTACT2 (were getting "Failed to get contact list").  After addressing this mismatch and restarting IIS, we now receive "Get local Exclude string" error when double clicking on a contact in GoldMine Mobile.


    1 - Stop IIS 2 - Open SQL Management Studio 3 - Run the following Query against the GoldMine database -  SELECT * FROM CONTSUPP WHERE ACCOUNTNO = '90CF-SYSTEM-REC' ORDER BY RECID DESC 4 - Keep the oldest entry and delete the rest 5 - Start IIS 6 - Run GoldMine Mobile Again  NOTE: There should only be one entry returned and the additional entries may be coming from undocked machines which may require additional data clean-up