Can the "Pending request" text for a "Save for later" service request be translated?

Version 1


    We use localization but notice that the text for the "Save for later" warning is not translated, can it be?



    **Please make sure to make a backup of the files before modifying, in case of a type they need to be restored.

    The text: 'You already have "' + data.title +'" request pending, do you want to create a new one or continue with existent?'

    Can be found on line 112 of the below file.
    \Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer\ServiceCatalog\scripts\Catalog\CatalogWorkspace.js

    Once you have changed the EN text to your desired language and saved, the file will also need to increase the ResourceVersion by 1 digit (2014.2.1000.72) in the \HEAT\AppServer\Web.config file and restart IIS in order for all users to see the change. 

    German translated (using Google Translate) example: