GoldMine crashed when using Linked Document Mover - Out of Memory error appears within GoldMine and the Event log shows an error for MS SQL (Express) instance

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    GoldMine crashed when using Linked Document Mover - Out of Memory error appears within GoldMine and the Event log shows an error for MS SQL (Express) instance


    In most cases this error is experienced on a system where Microsoft SQL Express Edition is used and below information primarily refers to Microsoft SQL Express Edition, but the behavior and suggestions are also valid for other Microsoft SQL editions as they might be affected when for example also other database (applications are running on the underlying machine). The error indicates that the SQL Server / machine is running out of resources.

    - The reason for the behavior is that MS SQL Express has a limitation how much RAM can be assigned
    - the limit for MS SQL Express editions is always 1 GB (see also
    - Moving linked documents and mailbox attachments puts a lot of stress on the MS SQL Server and the SQL (EXPRESS) instance simply runs out of memory as 1 GB is then really fast taken up by these actions.
    - The Out of memory error does not rely in any way to the RAM of the specific machine / OS as the limitation for MS SQL Express always applies if the machine would be a Windows 7 machine with 4 GB RAM or a Windows 2008 R2 Server with 32 GB RAM 
    - when such actions - same like e.g. running constantly automated processes, doing a lot of reporting, extensive and often (e-)mail merges - need to be performed very often, it is strongly recommended to consider to use a higher edition of Microsoft SQL Server for example a Standard Edition


    - Please keep in mind that regardless which suggestion will be considered for proceeding to get Linked Documents or Attachments moved within a GoldMine system it is ABSOLUTELY recommended that a FULL RUNNING Backup of the GoldMine database is available.
    - Additionally it is recommended to have a full backup of the files in question (Linked documents or attachment folders) as the linked document mover may also relocate the files and they may need to be relocated to the original location to be available within GoldMine again.  
    - Neither the Linked Document Mover nor any kind of possibly provided script is sync aware, which means that if applicable moving linked documents or attachments need to be performed separately on Sites and/or Undocked GoldMine installations.

    A. Verify if an upgrade to a higher Edition of Microsoft SQL Server might be necessary or applicable, so that more resources may be available. This should not only be considered for the Linked Document Move but instead also as a general performance consideration if applicable.

    B. Make sure that all non-related activities on the Microsoft SQL Server are minimized or stopped in order to preserve as much resources as possible for the Linked Document Mover activity. Also make sure to perform the action on a resource rich GoldMine client machine e.g. the GoldMine application server directly. Also it is strongly recommended to perform this action outside the usual business hours as this preserves further resources and prevents any data loss in case a backup of the GoldMine database needs to be restored.

    C. If Links and/or attachments need to be updated with new references, a GoldMine administrator or Microsoft SQL Server DBA can request from GoldMine Technical Support a script or queries which were initially available on the original virtual community platform and provided by partners amended by GoldMine Support Members over several years. These scripts are getting the task done - for example for Email Attachments and/or Linked Documents and/or Reports etc. - via Microsoft SQL back end update queries and the REPLACE function of Microsoft SQL Server.

    Please keep in mind that any provided scripts are not officially supported by GoldMine Support Team and using these scripts is solely at own risk. It is absolutely necessary to make sure to have proper and full running backups prior applying the scripts.