How do we create a Contact Set only database or secondary Contact database?

Version 3


    We need to create a Contact Set database only.  Currently we have one main database (has both Contact and GoldMine tables) and several contact set databases (Contact tables only).  We now need an additional Contact Set only database.


    1 - Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.

    2 - Click Tools >> Databases >> New Database.

    3 - When the Databases Wizard appears check only the option of "Create or copy data for contact set tables" >> Next.

    4 - On the "Rehost GoldMine Database" screen click the "Alias Manager button"

    5 - When the "Database Alias Manager" screen displays click the "New Alias" button.

    6 - When the "Edit Alias" screen appears type your alias name (name of database >> NOTE: this should not include special characters such as underscores, spaces, or other characters, numbers and letters only) >> press Tab button.

    7 - For the "Host" line item enter the SQL Server machine name and instance name if necessary or different from what is displayed.

    8 - Leave the login set to "sa" and key the SQL "sa" password.

    9 - Click the "Create New Database" button.

    10 - When the GoldMine message appears "Database created successfully" shows click "OK" button then "OK" button on the "Edit Alias" screen, then "OK" button on the "Database Alias Manager" screen.

    11 - Now that you are back to the "Rehost GoldMine Database" screen, select the database name in the top drop-down menu under "Please select the database alias for the new contact set tables:" >> select the database you just created in the alias manager >> Next.

    12 - Choose "Create blank tables (no data, except a few system records)" >> Next.

    13 - Provide a contact set code (Usually a random code or same name as the database) >> Next >> Finish.

    14 - When the GoldMine message appears "Would you like to open the new MSSQL contact database" choose "Yes" >> GoldMine will ask you to login again, please do so.

    15 - When the Universal Search screen appears choose if you want to use Universal Search or not on this Contact database (This selection should be consistent with what you use on your primary database.  Please see the GoldMine Premium Edition Administrators Guide to learn more about Universal Search if you are not sure)

    16 - Your new blank database will now be opened in GoldMine.

    17 - To open your other contact set click Tools >> Databases >> Open database >> Highlight your main Contact Set Database and select "Open".  You will now be in your main GoldMine database again.