How do I increase the list of recently viewed items, like recently viewed contacts or opportunities on the left pane of GoldMine? 

Version 1


    Often users have here only 5 recently viewed items like recently viewed contacts, recently viewed opportunities or recently viewed cases. This is often to less information and also other users may display many more recently viewed items.   How can this be changed?


    By default the recently viewed items will only show the 5 most recently viewed items. With the following steps every user can adjust this as needed.   1. Tools > Options (or if using GoldMine Classic view Edit > Options)  2. System tab 3. In the left hand side under the "Navigation" section, change "Recent items shown" to the desired number (often recommended is 20)  4. Click OK  The change is immediately effective and the user does not need to restart GoldMine.  This setting applies to the below recently viewed items. a. Contacts b. Projects  c. Opportunities d. Cases e. Campaigns f.  Knowledge base