How to export out of GoldMine to an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Version 5


    Needs assistance exporting out of GoldMine to an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet


    To use the export wizard:


    1. Log into GoldMine

    2. Go to File >> Import and Export >> Export Contact Records

    3. Select Export to a new file and .CSV file

    4. Next



    If you export the same fields on a frequent basis you have the option to save an existing profile at the end of the wizard. This option is useful if you export the same type of list each week/month (ie - a list of email addresses from a trade show) This option saves the field mappings so you do not need to map fields upon each export.


    Example of a saved profile




    5. Select which filter or group you want to use

    6. Next


    7. Double click or choose the Add Field button to select the fields you wish to export

    8. Click the options button and delete the contents of the Field Delimiter box >> OK

    9. Next


    10. Use the 3 dots (...) to browse out to a location where you can save this (Desktop works) and give this file a name (e.g. Ontario)

    10. Check Export field names that have mappings as the first record (this will add the column headers to your excel sheet)

    11. Next


    12.Select Yes to save the settings for future use or select NO if you don't want these settings saved

    13. Next


    14. Finish

    ** Ensure the export has finished by checking the process monitor. If you open the excel spreadsheet before the export has finished the process will be interrupted and will not complete.



    15. Open the file with Excel (if the system is not set to open CSV files in Microsoft Excel you need to use the Right Click >> Open with feature of the Windows File Explorer) and check the file and verify that it has the fields and data you expect to see