How to determine Last Task

Version 1


    Customer may need the ability to determine and display the last task created. The following instructions will assist in setting this up.



    1.      1. In Configure Application, select the Task.Assignment Business Object
    2.      Add a logical field (YesNo) with no precision (8.0) and save
    3.      Add the field to the grid for testing
    4.      Create a new initialization rule to set a default value of “True”
    5.      Create a new Quick Action that sets the field value to “False”





    6.         Select the Incident Business Object


    7.      7. Create a new Business Rule based on the following criteria:

    a.      On Creation of Specific Relationship

    b.     Relationship: IncidentAssocTaskAssignment

    c.      Action: Run For Child

                                                                  i.     Child Object and Relationship: IncidentAssocTaskAssignment

                                                                ii.     Child Object Filter: $(Status != ‘Cancelled’)

                                                               iii.     Action to Run: <New Quick Action created on Task>