Date format throughout heat is required to be DD/MM/YYYY, however only currently displaying D/M/YYYY

Version 1


    UK regional settings ((UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London) have been selected throughout the HEAT server and the HEAT application however dates are not padding.  A date format of DD/MM/YYYY should produce a date of 11/03/2014, however the dates being produced is 11/3/2014.  Can you confirm how this date format may be obtained?


    By default, HEAT Service Management is displaying the date in single digits if the day or month value is below 10.  You could however change the way the date is diplayed on an individual field: Modify the date display by using the $(FormatDate()) function. Since this function would populate this field now using UTC time you would have to use an additional function to allow the system to use the client time by adding the additional $(ToClientTime()) function:  The example below would re-format the current date $(FormatDate(ToClientTime(CurrentDateTime()), "dd/MM/yyyy  hh:mm"))