Is there a setting or way to be able to more thoroughly watch how Automated Processes ( AP ) run so that they can be analyzed better?

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    We are building a fairly complex Automated Process with many preemptive steps, branches, and loop-backs.  Is there a way to watch automated processes run step by step etc in order to analyze the functionality better?


    1 - There is a debugging function for Automated Processes that is very helpful to analyze how Automated Processes while they are run.  This helps ensure that the processes follow the correct steps, branches, etc. 2 - Log the user out of GoldMine who will be firing the Automated Processes. 3 - Open the user's username.ini located on the GoldMine Application Server GoldMine share. 4 - Under the section [GoldMine], insert a new line below that is: APDebugLog=1  NOTE: 1 is on and 0 is off  5 - Save the username.ini file. 6 - Fire the Automated Process. 7 - Inspect the process monitor log, you will notice that there is a line by line log of how the Automated Process is working?