Issue with connecting to External Datasource after SQL Database password change.

Version 1


    Customer forced to change the SQL Database password on an external datasource which reads employee information into the HEAT Call Logging database.  Now the External Connection will fail because of invalid password..


    If this is an External Table Connection from within HEAT you first need to make sure the ODBC name does not change.  If the Password for the SQL user was changed then here are the steps to change this on the HEAT side.  1.  Log everyone out of Call Logging and stop all HEAT related services etc. 2.  Login to the Administrator Module and create a new Edit Set. 3.  In the Edit Set, select File>> Connection Manager. 4.  In the Connection Manager window, highlight the ODBC name in question and retype in the UserID/Password information under the Login section and click Close. 5.  Commit the Edit Set. 6.  Log in and Test, if working allow users in and start services.