Can Windows 7 Pro be used for our iGoldMine Server, we would like to verify system capacity for up to 5 simultaneous iGM connections

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    We need to verify  if we can use Windows 7 Pro for our iGoldMine Server.  Does it have enough capacity to support up to 5 simultaneous users?


    1 - Having a Windows 7 machine as the iGoldMine Server is not supported by the  FrontRange Solutions GoldMine Support Desk in a multi-user envrionment.  2 - There are some customers that do run Windows 7 as their iGoldMine Server and the iGoldMine Getting Started Guide does show that it will work which we are aware of.  Like other items that are not tested or supported, a customer can choose to run iGoldMine on Windows 7 as their Server.  However, Windows 7 is not a supported Server Operating System only a supported Client Operating System. 3 - The FrontRange Solutions GoldMine Support desk has seen performance issues in this environment regarding especially high disk I/O and CPU usage.