How to configure call forwarding in IPCM for a user's phone/extension

Version 1


    This how to document describes how to configure call forwarding in the Management Portal for a user's phone.



    Configure User Phone Call Forwarding


    1.       1. In Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Phones > click on a specific user’s phone (link). In this         example, the phone 602 is shown.

    2.       2. Select Security tab and ensure that 


    a.       ‘Trust this phone’s IP address’ is checked


    b.      ‘When trusting IP address, verify the message comes from static SIP port’ is unchecked.



    This should be done for all phones.


    3. Select Forwarding tab

    2.       4. In Unconditional Forward


    a.    In Strip # of digits… Enter in the number of digits to strip. For example, if the extension is ‘600’ you will enter in ‘3’  to strip three digits.


    b.    In Prefix with these digits… Enter in the entire number you wish to call forward.  In the screenshot below, an example number shown is ‘00123456’ where the caller must dial zero(es) to dial out. This varies on each customer’s dialing plan.


    1.   Select Update.


    2.   Have agent perform test call.