How do you force a change of time for a datetime field?

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    When you select a value in a date/time field, it defaults to 12:00am. This discusses a method that forces users to select a time other than the default value of 12:00am by parsing out the hour and minute and doing a comparison.



    By using an IF statement, you can combine this with a 'Validation rule' in a business object to prevent users from saving a default time for a date/time field. This allows users to select the same day, but forces them to change the time in order to save.

    With Datepart, hours are returned 1 to 24

    ToString(DatePart("hour",  ToClientTime(ScheduledStartDate))) == "0" 
    ToString(DatePart("minute",  ToClientTime(ScheduledStartDate))) == "0"
      then false
      else true)