How to add "Contract" Tab to Account Detail[Uploaded File]

Version 1


    Customer would like to add a "Contract" (attachments) tab to the Account workspace. The article resolution will describe the steps to accomplish this.



    Launch Configure Application
    Click on Business Objects
    Select the Account business object
    Select Relationships and add a relationship to the Attachment object:
    Select Account.Recid = Attachment.ParentLink with a one to many relationship
    Click on the Layout
    Click on the FormView
    Scroll down to the Child Panel area
    Then click on "Add Child"
    Give it a Display Name then Click on the <Not Set> under the Object column. 
    Specify the relationship and click save
    Then select the <Not Set> in the Grid Column and select the appropriate grid
    Then select the <Not Set> in the Form Column and select the appropriate form then click OK
    Save the Layout
    Refresh the Client and you should now be able to see your Contracts on the Accounts