How do I include the Task rejection reason in the email notification?

Version 1


    When you reject a Task you've been assigned you have to add a reason. This reason is saved as a Note in the Activity History of the Incident. An email it sent to the assigning user notifying him or her that the Task was rejected. But the email does not contain the reason why it was rejected. I would like this reason to be included into the notification.


    1. Create a new field on Task.Assignment called RejectionReason (or whatever name you wish). Make this field big enough to meet your needs for a rejection reason.

    2. Modify the Reject action on the Task#Assignment object.
    3. In the "Update Assignment upon :Rejection" section, add the RejectionReason field with a prompt.

    4. In the Create Notes section, change the Notes field to populate with the Task#Assignment.RejectionReason data.

    5. In the Send Email section, add the Task#Assignment.RejectionReason data to the form.

    Now your Task, Journal Note and Notification will all contain the same "Rejection Reason".