How to create Service Requests through a File Listener

Version 1


    Following article 14464, we can create Service Requests through a File Listener, using an Excel template.

    This procedure is an extension of that article, but it would be possible using only the File Listener without activating the workflow for the Email object described in that article.

    There may be a case where you import users and also need to provided them services, for example, you open a new office where there are going to be located 25 employees, and all them need some IT services like computer, monitor, network, etc. It could be possible fill out a similar template for all of them and import it using the File Listener.



    Using a former “Email Service Request” template, note the RecId of the SvcReqSubscLink in the Debug tab.



    In the ServiceReq business object, add a Initialization Rule that is going to update that field with that value for the new Service Requests.



    It is time to create an Excel file for the import, that must have at least the following fields

    SvcReqTmplLink: The name of the generic service requests used for the emails

    DisplayName: The display name of the user that asks for the Service Request.

    Symptom: This is the template, similar to the email body of article 14464



    Finally, we need to create the import in “Integration Tools >> Data Import Connections >> Add New”, where we need to import an Excel file. The values here will depend on your server name and your shared folders:




    Place the Excel file in the share folder and continue with the wizard




    Do not define any filter



    And map the fields as in the screenshot



    Finally, select the schedule you want to use. The schedules can be added and configured in the “Schedule Entry” top level tab



    Publish and Run it.