Release Notes GMPE 2014.1 Hotfix 2 (Includes Hot Fix 1)[Uploaded File]

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    Release notes from GMPE 2014.1 Hot Fix 2 (also includes Hot Fix 1 as well)



    What's New in GoldMine 2014.1

    GoldMine and Google Apps

    GoldMine Premium Edition now includes an integration with Google Apps. This integration provides bidirectional synchronization between your Google Apps calendar and your GoldMine Calendar. Standalone Gmail accounts are not supported at this time.


    GoldMine Mobile must be installed to use the Google Apps integration. Once the integration is configured, syncing will occur automatically with no end user action necessary.  See GoldMine 2014.1 Help > GoldMine Administrator Guide > Google Apps Integration Administration for set-up information.

    Android Devices Supported by GoldMine Mobile

    Starting with GoldMine Mobile 2014.1, Android devices running version 2.3 and above are now supported. This comprises more than 98% of Android devices in use today.

    Opportunities in GoldMine Mobile

    GoldMine Mobile users can now view and edit basic information for Opportunities that they manage. Also included is the ability to create new Opportunities.  Tab detail for opportunities is not included at this time.


    What's Fixed in GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 2

    GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1.0.440 / GoldMine Mobile Edition 2014.1.0.642


    Note:  To upgrade GoldMine Mobile, it is necessary to uninstall any existing version and install GMME 2014.1.0.642 as a new installation. 



    Issue   Number






    GoldMine sporadically crashes during mass emailing under limited   memory resources




    Error 'An exception occurred' windows appearing on a E- mail   merge which causes after a while a crash of GoldMine




    Twitter templates GM+View errors - needs to be adjusted to https   as otherwise only browsing to own profile as logged in and also additional   Script error 'JSON' is undefined




    GoldMine crashes when you access the trusted certificate   Authorities in the email center - R6025 - Pure virtual function call




    Bodies of emails sent from a custom php script without the   content type specified within the header do not show correctly after   upgrading to 2013.1.0.297




    Cannot drill down into primary contacts through GMME due to   issues with customizations in the database



    What's Fixed in GoldMine 2014.1 Hotfix 1

    GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1.0.428 / GoldMine Mobile Edition 2014.1.0.633



    Issue   Number






    Manual retrieval of email transfer sets do not retain selected     options for synchronizing the transfer set




    Manual retrieval of email transfer sets do not retain selected   options for synchronizing the transfer set




    Chinese characters are shown for incoming email if MIME type =   multipart/report




    Text of Emails / GoldMine Messages on re-assigned cases are   blank after upgrading.  This includes   both historical messages and new messages.




    Email RSVP notifications sent from GoldMine to contacts or users   are blank




    Body of email is missing when the email is downloaded after   upgrading to GMPE 2013.1.0.298




    Server Error in ‘/GoldMine’ Application when accessing a website   from GMME that is not prefaced with http:// in the database.