Release Notes GMPE 2014.1 General availability release (GA) [Uploaded File]

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    Release Notes GMPE 2014.1 General availability release (GA) 



    What's New in GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1

    GoldMine and Google Apps

    GoldMine Premium Edition now includes an integration with Google Apps. This integration provides bidirectional synchronization between your Google Apps calendar and your GoldMine Calendar. Standalone Gmail accounts are not supported at this time.


    GoldMine Mobile must be installed to use the Google Apps integration. Once the integration is configured, syncing will occur automatically with no end user action necessary.  See GoldMine 2014.1 Help > GoldMine Administrator Guide > Google Apps Integration Administration for set-up information.

    Android Devices Supported by GoldMine Mobile

    Starting with GoldMine Mobile 2014.1, Android devices running version 2.3 and above are now supported. This comprises more than 98% of Android devices in use today.

    Opportunities in GoldMine Mobile

    GoldMine Mobile users can now view and edit basic information for Opportunities that they manage. Also included is the ability to create new Opportunities.  Tab detail for opportunities is not included at this time.

    What's Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1



    Issue   Number






    Secondary phone   number for additional contact is always moved into Fax field in the primary   contact record view when swapping with primary




    Clicking OK to a   record alert pop after moving to a different record causes GoldMine to crash




    When sending an   email in Outlook, and clicking the "Link to" drop-down, "Not   Linked" is missing.




    A user without   master rights does not get results for any email meeting the Universal Search   criteria unless the email was sent or received by that particular user




    Cannot remove an   existing E-mail merge code value in Additional Contact Record window




    sent message will   not be auto linked to the contact even if the settings are set to auto   linking




    drop down list for   Opportunities and Projects in the Outlook Read and New E-mail screen is not   alphabetically ordered




    when the automated   process sends a reply email to the new contact, it does not include the To:   field




    Email unlinked from   Project when moved from inbox to subfolder using GM Plus for MS Outlook.




    An option to   exclude additional contacts using GoldMine Mobile.




    When filing an   email from Outlook if you change the reference this change is not saved when   the email is linked to GoldMine.




    Ampersand in email   subject displayed as underscore when opened




    Required fields   notification appears in CSC (Contact Search Center) when record was changed   and CSC is opened with e.g. criteria Is NOT empty




    Selecting a lookup   value with comments for a user-defined field will populate the field with the   lookup value and the //comment.




    If there is data in   an email before a DOCTYPE declaration, it will be truncated when the email is   downloaded.




    Accepted meeting   requests, when received are shown as moved or deleted Calendar items




    When GoldMine is   opened it just minimizes in the taskbar and can't be maximized.




    new opportunities   based on a template do not let you edit the units, price or forecasted amount