How would you add the 'codes' column to History Tab?

Version 1


    Want to add 'codes' column to History Tab.


    To do this through the interface:  1. Log into GodlMine 2. Go to Tools >> Options >> "System" tab >> Put a check-mark next to "Show activity code in history tabs" 3. Click OK 4. Repeat for all desired users   Or  To add the 'Codes' column to the History tab from the username.INI, you can also do the following: 1. Log out of GoldMine as the affected user 2. Browse out to the main GoldMine directory on the server 3. Open the affected user's [Username].ini file 4. Search for the setting called "ShowHistActvCode=" under the [ActvObj] in the [Username].INI file.  5. Verify that "ShowHistActvCode=1" is set. NOTE: Setting it to '0' turns it off and setting it to '1' turns it on. Setting it to '1' allows the activity codes to show in your history tab. 6. Repeat for all desired users