Escalation schedules not recalculating when priority is changed.

Version 1


    The issue has to do with how the Escalation Schedule is configured.

    Below test case is using the Desktop Service, service and a default of P3. This sets the “Target Detail” to “Desktop Service (Gold) for Sales and Marketing”.

    After changing it to a P2, the resolution target did not change.  The AdminUI > Escalation Schedules > Incident – Resolution > "Desktop Service (Gold) Incident Resolution Target for Sales and Marketing" indicates it is only configured with a Priority 1 level.

    This means that all priorities will breach using 3 days but P1 will use 2 days.

    After chaining the incident priority to a P1, the schedule recalculated accordingly.



    Ascertain that the escalation schedule is designed to change based on different priority values. If you need to add a new Priority:

    1. Select the schedule and click the set exceptions button

    2. Enable the priority value that you want to use. 

    3. When you save it, a new “sub” schedule for that priority will be created and you can then configure it how you would like.