How to send a notification after x days of inactivity?

Version 1


    Would like to send a notification to the Incident owner if it has not been updated in 3 days?



    1. Create a new date/time field on Incident that will store the calculation of x amount of days. I did this with a save business rule that uses the NextDays function so NewDateTimeField = $NextDays(3)) will calculate currentdatetime + 3 days. I set it as a save rule so it will always calculate when the object is saved.

    2. Create saved search on incident that searches for incidents where NewDateTimeField Less than $(CurrentDatetime())

    3. Create a quick action to send the notification that you want to the incident owner.

    4. Create a new Scheduled Job to run hourly

    5. Create a ScheduledEntry workflow to run against your scheduled job (Configuraion), with a run for search block (your saved search) and execute your quick action.

    Every hour this scheduled job will run your saved search, any records that it finds that meet the criteria will have the notification quick action run and sent to the incident owner. 

    The caveat is that this will only work for incidents that are modified after this field/calculation are configured and not for existing ones where this field is not set.