Where is it configured that an inbound email subject and body are mapped to Summary and Descriptions fields with HEAT email processing?

Version 1


    Where this is email content field mapping controlled?


    Inbox configuration allows for 4 different types of  'Email Processors'

    - Incident: When the email is received, an incident record is created. This option is the default setting.
    - Problem: When the email is received, a problem record is created.
    - Other: You can select another business object. See Creating an Inbox that Creates a Generic Business Object.
    - Export Email as XML: When the email is received, it is exported as an XML file. See Exporting Email as XML.

    The above 'Other' and 'ExportEmailAsXml' inbox options allow you to either map structured, delimited email body content to specific fields or convert email content to XML and transform it with XSLT for import into specified business object.