Emails are lost while downloading from the online folder, while trying to also read Emails from the online folder.

Version 1


    When trying to read Emails directly from Online folder while still downloading headers and quickly changing selection to another Email one of them will be dismissed and during the online connection not be received anymore, especially dangerous when using also auto-delete feature as then the Email is deleted although it is has not been downloaded into GoldMine.


    - The online folder is a direct view at your servers inbox for the account you are viewing.  
    - It is not designed for multiple actions at once, nor do most servers allow for it.  
    - When working with Emails, you should be downloading the Emails to the GoldMine inbox, and then opening the Email to read. 
    - This is best done using the automatic Email retrieval options in GoldMine, so that the Email is placed in the inbox and deleted from the server.

    - The online folder should be used to download single Emails between the automatic retrieval period when a particular Email is expected during that time.