Delivered Report 'Active Tasks by Team and Analyst' shows the Incident Subject in the Task Subject column

Version 2


    The out of the box report 'Active Tasks by Team and Analyst' has a column for Task Subject, but it instead repeats the Subject of the parent Incident.


    An updated version of the report's .rdl template is attached to this article.

    You will need to do the following:
    1. Log into the Report Manager role
    2. Select the Report Templates workspace
    3. Select Upload Report
    4. Browse to the attached file, give it a name (like Active Tasks by Team and Analyst-fixed), and save
    5. Select the Reports workspace
    6. Edit the Active Tasks by Team and Analyst Report
    7. Select the updated template in the Report Template dropdown (you may need to refresh the browser for it to show up)
    8. Save the report (Set a default Team if it requires it)