How to enter the GoldMine Maintaining mode when GoldMine cannot be opened, for example crashes straight away when starting GoldMine

Version 1


    - While it is not necessary and also not recommended to perform Maintenance from within GoldMine on a regular basis, there are occasions where it might be necessary to perform a re-indexing and/or rebuild of individual GoldMine tables and/or the GoldMine database and/or GoldMine system.

    - Usually this should be only done on the advise of a GoldMine partner or GoldMine Technical Support

    - Please make sure to have always a full running current backup of the GoldMine database especially when attempting to address a certain experienced behavior within GoldMine.

    - The GoldMine Maintenance Wizard can be usually started via
    1. With master rights
    2. Tools >> Databases >> Maintain Database

    - There are occasions when this menu is not available, for example if GoldMine cannot be even started anymore without crashing. Many times this can be overcome by removing specific lines (for example Forms=xx in the section [Session] of the specific USER.INI, but users with master rights can also enter the GoldMine maintenance mode directly from the GoldMine logon window.


    1. Start GoldMine (if the GoldMine desktop icon is set to auto login via the /u: and /p: switch it would be necessary either to modify the switches temporarily e.g. by changing the /u: switch to a non existing user like MASTERX or start GoldMine from a different location, for example from the Start >> Programs >> GoldMine feature where those switches are not set)
    2. Enter the appropriate user name into the field Username (must be a user with master rights)
    3. Enter the appropriate password into the field Password
    4. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard + Click OK/Enter

    5. This opens the GoldMine's Contact Set Databases selection window with the button at the bottom left Maintain

    6. Button Maintain
    >> RESULT: The user with master rights can now proceed with the identical Maintain Database Wizard as from the menu within GoldMine