How to see further fields when a Primary view was adjusted to display only a limited set of fields?

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    How to see further fields when a Primary view was adjusted to display only a limited set of fields?

    - 2 Record types defined in GoldMine >> COMPANY and CONTACT
    >> Records with a record type COMPANY are displaying all information of the record like Address fields etc (Primary view = Company)

    >> Records with a record type CONTACT are currently setup not to display Address and location fields (Primary view = Contact)


    What are the possibilities that also records of record type CONTACT are displaying Address or additional fields?



    Alternative 1:
    - used for current contact record on demand,
    -  steps will be required for every contact record where a different view  is desired and will most likely (when rules are available) reset when  changing to a different record
    - can be applied by every user
    - does not require any customization.

    1. On the contact record in question

    2. Right click >> Select Primary Views

    3. There may be several primary views available >> verify each of the available ones and select the desired one then
    >>  This is usually used only for one contact record, so again it might be  rather a question how often you or your users may need this.

    Alternative 2:

    - customization applied for a constant change
    - requires a master user to apply changes to the default Contact layout
    - changes will be available automatically for all users

    1. Make sure to have a full running backup of the GoldMine database
    2. Log in with master rights
    3. Browse to a contact record of type Contact which shows only the 'limited' view of fields
    4.  Right Click >> Screen Design (the screen appears now in a design  view with a grid like display and a bottom right toolbar Designer)

    5. From the Designer toolbar select New

    6. From Place Field dialog open the drop down for Field

    7.  Select the desired field which may appear either with the correct label  or the database field name for example Address1 -  Address3, City, Country, Zip

    8. OK
    9.  The desired field appears usually in the middle left area as a box  which can be moved and placed with the mouse on the desired spot

    10. Once placed on the desired spot >> double click on the field (which opens the Field Properties dialog)

    11. Adjust as desired for example
    a. in tab Profile >> the label (please make sure NOT to use any apostrophes or quotes in a label like P'Code)
    b. in tab Layout >> the visible data size on screen for example extend the visible size for Address fields to 25
    c. further adjustments as necessary or desired 

    12. Once finished >> OK
    >> RESULT: the field appears now on the screen with the desired / set properties
    13. Repeat steps 5. to 12. for all remaining fields which should appear on the Contact screen
    14. Once finished  and all fields appear as desired on the Contact view/screen >> press Exit
    15. Verify that the layout and usage of the fields is now as desired.