GoldMine allows only up to 32 rules to work properly for GM+Views

Version 1


    - When setting up rules for GM+Views, there is a limitation to the amount of rules possible.
    - This limit is set at 32 possible rules for GM + views.
    - If more than 32 (31 + the default rule) are setup, it will only display the default rule in the GM + view tab. 



    1. Create GM +View tab, create 33 Templates in the template list for example with the template name and body specifying A1, A2 etc to identify them.
    2. Set rules based on Key3 so the GM+View display A1 template if the corresponding value is entered in the Key3 field and so on.

    3. When 31 template rules are set up test (32 including the default) and then add another and retest, all records display the default view.

    - As many templates as required can be setup however GoldMine has currently a limitation when setting the rule based section for the templates which is 32 rules
    - When the thirty third rule is set only the default template will be displayed and rules are ignored for GM+Views.