How to import into a Link field

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    You are performing a data import using the Data Import Connections feature (Configure Application > Extend > Data Integration Tools > Data Import Connections). 

    The object into which you are importing has a link field; in this example the object is Incident and the field is called 'Account Name'. 
    The link points to an object called 'Account'. 

    The import file contains the Account Name. 
    When importing, the Incident record shows the Account Name field as blank.
    How does the import file and field mapping need to be configured to import the Account Name field?




    The Account Name field is a Link field called AccountLink. 

    Set the mapping to: 
    File   Operator Field
    Account Name  -->  AccountLink

    When specifying links to a related business object as part of data import, note the following:
    Data import can only be linked when using link fields such as OrgUnitLink or ManagerLink. Only a one-to-one link is supported.
    For CSV files, the data should display the name of a business object. For example, for organization unit, use the name of the organization. For employee, use the display name of the employee (for example, Marcia S Hendric) rather than the login ID (MHendric).

    When mapping link fields, such as OrgUnitLink or ManagerLink, note the following:
    For the source value, on the left, use the value of the Display field under the Special Purpose Fields section and not the value of the Display Name field. You need to determine this field name before mapping the fields.


    For the target value, on the right, use the name of the link field, such as OrgUnitLink or ManagerLink.
    The following shows mapping a linked field using the field name: