How to translate some dialogs and buttons in the Self Service

Version 1


    When you create an incident (or any other object) via self service, there is a confirmation dialog popping up, asking whether you want to open the created item or go back to service catalog. The following solution is applied by default in HEAT Service Management 2015.1, but it is possible to enable it in earlier versions.


    1.- Edit the file C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer\web.config (it could be installed in another location)

    2.- Locate the following block:

      <VirtualScriptProvider Enable="false" PathPrefix="~/Resources/Script/" CacheFolder="Scripts" Minifier="false" ResourceVersion="true" SkipErrors="false">
      <VirtualCssProvider Enable="false" PathPrefix="~/Resources/Css/" CacheFolder="Css" Minifier="false">

    and substitue it by this one

      <VirtualScriptProvider Enable="true" PathPrefix="~/Resources/Script/" CacheFolder="Scripts" Minifier="true" ResourceVersion="true" SkipErrors="false">
      <VirtualCssProvider Enable="true" PathPrefix="~/Resources/Css/" CacheFolder="Css" Minifier="true">

    3.- Locate the following value
    <Tpl Cache="true" Minifier="false" />
    and turn it into "true"
    <Tpl Cache="true" Minifier="true" />

    These steps must be done in all Web and Application Servers

    It should not be necessary, but in case it does not work restart the IIS.