How do I limit a group of users to only access one Customer Type?

Version 1


    Some customers want to be able to limit what customer types a group of technicians can access or create tickets for.



    1. Open the HEAT Admin Module

    2. Select Security-> Roles

    3. Select the Role you want to limit

    4. On the General Tab there is a setting for Visible Customer types, with an Edit button

    5. Choose the Edit button, and a new window will appear with 3 options

    6. The default is selected, to do nothing

    7. You can also choose to check which customer types you want to hide, or you can choose which ones are visible for the Security Role.

    8. After choosing the option and which Types to Hide or Show, click OK

    9. Next click on the Apply button to register the change

    10. When opening Call Logging those users will now only be able to access the desired Customer Types