Access to saasit* hosted mailboxes

Version 1


    You have purchased a hosted mailbox (Cloud Email) and want to know how to access the mailbox.



    We do not offer any webmail interface to the mailboxes. 

    The mailboxes are only accessed by the email listener from the tenant. 
    The email listeners are configured to use POP to fetch mail from the mailbox. 
    The emails are deleted as soon as the listener has picked them up. 
    Therefore there is nothing in the mailbox to access. 

    A typical setup when using saasit* mailboxes is to have an internal address given to end users (e.g. [email protected]), which forwards emails to the saasit address (e.g. [email protected]). This could be an alias or a mailbox. If it's a mailbox the emails can be stored there for verification. Then, if you need access to copies of the emails sent to the saasit* hosted mailboxes you can check the internal mailbox.