Workstation constantly has the error: "Cannot find LicenseGM94.bin” when launching GoldMine

Version 1


    Have a workstation gives an error: Cannot find LicenseGM94.bin. I browse out to it and double-click on it and it logs me in. I have to browse to the LicenseGM94.bin file every time I launch GoldMine


    On this workstation:
    1. Browse out to the GoldMine directory (C:\Program Files(x86)\GoldMine\)
    2. Locate the GM.ini file
    3. Open the GM.ini file with Notepad
    4. Verify that this has a realini value that points to the gm.ini file on the server:
    5. File>>Save the changes
    6. Log into GoldMine to test

    May be related to KM articles: 17093 and 15810