How to move all HEAT assignments from one assignee to another assignee

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    This article describes how to move all Assignments from one Assignee to another Assignee using Administrator Module > Database > Global Replace. Please note this article's resolution is based on the HEAT Demo Database that is provided out-of-the-box with the HEAT install. It is highly recommended that you backup the HEAT production database before making changes, as once a Global Replace has been made there is no method to reverse this action!



    In this example, we will be transferring all assignments over from "Bob" to "Annie"

    1. First, in Global Replace you cannot update multiple fields based upon just one where/filter condition. Therefore, you will first need to transfer all other Asgnmnt fields (related to Asgnmnt.Assignee) then LAST transfer the Asgnmnt.Assignee field. 

    2. Identify all the Asgnmnt fields that are either "related to" or "auto filled" based on Asgnmnt.Assignee field. This also includes fields that constrain the Asgnmnt.Assignee such as Asgnmnt.GroupName

    3. In Administrator module > Database > Global Replace, replace each field related to the Asgnmnt.Assignee one at a time. For example, in the first screenshot we change Bob's GroupName (not shown but is "Hardware Techs") to Annie's GroupName ("Accounting") for all of Bob's assignments.

    In the next screenshot, we change Bob's Email to Annie's email.

    4. Once you have changed all of the fields related to the Asgnmnt.Assignee field, you will finally change the Asgnmnt.Assignee field last. See screenshot below -

    5. There may be other Assignment fields that store actions performed by the previous Assignee and you will need to make a determination on whether or not to modify these fields, for example the Asgnmnt.WhoAcknow (who acknowledged assignment) and Asgnmnt.WhoResolv (who resolved assignment).