Re-assigning calls to new Owner and would like the status changed as a result.

Version 1


    When we re-assign a call to someone else, the status of the call will appear as “logged” and not “assigned”. This means that it will not enter the new users’ “My Open Tasks” section, and will only appear in the “My Team’s Open Tasks” section.  Is there a way that we can ensure re-assigned calls become “assigned” and not “logged”?


    Easiest way to accomplish the change of Incident Status from "Logged" to "Assigned" when the Owner is changed would be to incorporate a new Triggered rule as follows:

    1.  Go to Incident Object through Configure Application.
    2.  Select the Rules tab.
    3.  Expand Triggered Actions and select Add Trigger.
    4.  Name the Rule and select the event of Field Event>> On Update and select the Owner field.
    5.  Select "is changed" and under the Conditional Expression, set this to $(Status == "Logged") and click Next.

    6.  Select a new action type of Update Object and in this update action change the Status field to Assigned (or whatever value is needed).

    7.  Save this rule, refresh your application and test the functionality.