How to import contact records into GoldMine using a SQL database and table

Version 2


    DBAlias must be created when SQL import feature should be used

    - When importing contact records into GoldMine, a Database Alias (DBAlias) must be created before the import process begins.




    To Import data from an SQL Database / table:

    If selecting SQL file option in the Import Contact Records Wizard (see "Importing and Exporting Data" in the Administration Guide), you must first create a temporary dbalias for the SQL Database in order to import data from MS SQL. The temp dbalias can be deleted after it is imported.

    Create a temporary alias as follows:

    1. Login to GoldMine as Administrator or as a Master user
    2. From Tools > Databases > Alias Manager... select New Alias
    3. At the Edit Alias dialog
    a. Enter an Alias Name
    b. Select a Server Type (MSSQL)
    c. Enter a Host (this is usually the MSSQL host name or MSSQL instance name such as hostname\SQLEXPRESS)
    d. Enter the Database name
    e. Enter the Owner
    f.  Enter the Login and Password for the database.
    g. Optionally, click Test Connection to verify the connection to the database
    h. Click OK at the Edit Alias dialog, and again OK at the New Alias dialog
    4. File >> Import and Export >> Import Contact Records
    5. Select the Import a new file or if a profile was used already previous Import a new file using an existing profile  + Select SQL file
    6. In the Import Wizard: Import a New SQL Table >>
    a. Driver: MSSQL
    b. Database: Select the dbalias file you created

    c. Table: enter manually the desired table name you have the data stored you want to import
    7. Proceed with the Import Wizard as usual
    a. With the preview of data
    b. Mapping the desired data to the GoldMine fields
    c. If applicable save as Profile
    8. Click Finish to begin the import.