Issue resulting from changing Standard User Team names

Version 1


    Changing a Team Name has created a problem for the team members.  After changing the Team names, the team members now run into an issue when they view an Incident and select Assign to Me button/quick action.  The system displays a blank Team and Owner box, selecting again and it populates with their OLD Team name.



    In Configure Application, select the Standard Business Object

    Create a new Trigger under Business Rules

    Trigger the event on Field Update > Team field

    Select a new Run for Child Action

    Select the ProfileEmployeeAssociatedByStandardUserTeam relationship

    Add a new Update Object Action

    For the Team field, enter the following expression and Save (ignore the warnings)

    Next time you change a Team Name, all linked Employees should update correctly.


    IF you run into the issue where Assign To Me brings in blank value and the entry does NOT show in the dropdown, ensure that it is marked as “Service Desk” on the Standard User Team (Employee Team) object.