Can you send an Email to a group of contacts from the source of an opportunity?

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    Can you send an Email to a group of contacts from the source of an opportunity?


    - When creating an opportunity the original contact's Source field is taken over by default, but can be changed manually at any time within the opportunity without having any impact on the Contact's Source field

    Therefore it would be easiest to create a SQL query and then add all members to a group
    (custom query since build tab doesn't have source)

    1. Open Tools > SQL query and paste in the following query:

    Select * from OPMGR where source='the desired source value'

    if applicable and desired extend the SQL query for example for certain Opportunity names and/or stages, an example would be

    Select * from OPMGR where name='desired opportunity name' and source='the desired source value' and stage='desired stage value'

    - Name = opportunity name
    - Source = opportunity source
    - Stage = stage of the opportunity

    2. Click the Query button on the right
    3. This will show all the results
    4. Then click the Save button to save this query
    5. While still in the filters, groups and SQL query tab click on the sub set of tabs for Groups
    6. Then click New Group
    7. Select New Group on the right
    8. Enter a name for the group and Code if necessary
    9. Click OK
    10. Choose to build from SQL Query Records > Next
    11. Choose a sort field if you would like to sort the results of the group in a particular order > Next
    12. Finish

    - From here you can then Email merge your template to this group of people.
    - Also you can edit the existing SQL query for future opportunities and save it as a group with the above steps by changing the name, source and status