FrontRange Messaging Service won't start

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    When attempting to start the FrontRange Messaging Service it may not start and Windows returns an error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

    This article has a possible solution for this issue.




    This issue can occur if the Email Listener encounters a problem when trying to connect with a Mailbox.

    Normally an error is returned by the Mail Server but in some situations the server does not respond in a correct fashion.  This causes the FrontRange Messaging Service to wait for a valid response and the service will not start.

    This has been seen when the Email Listener is configured to use the IMAP4 Protocol with MS Exchange Server and it starts to respond incorrectly.

    A test can be performed with the "telnet" command to connect to the IMAP4 port of the MS Exchange Server.
    e.g.: telnet mailserver 143
    The Mail server should respond with a message.

    If it does not respond then this could indicate an issue with the IMAP4 Protocol.

    Restart the IMAP Protocol Service on the MS Exchange Server and perform the telnet test again.  If a message is displayed now proceed to start the FrontRange Messaging Service.